The Benefits of Asanas or Yoga poses

Cascading benefits of practise.

A healthy and peaceful body is the starting point for advance practices. This is the purpose of Asanas. The benefits of Asanas or Yoga poses include making the body healthy and strong and making the mind peaceful and focused.

In Asanas, the body is subjected to different stretches, bends, twists, inversions and strains. The aim is to try to maintain the posture in a relaxed manner. This practice builds both mental and physical strength and stamina. The strengthening and improved flexibility of our muscles also leads to improved internal functioning having a whole-body impact on our well-being. The functioning and efficiency of internal organs is improved. This affects our entire outlook on life in a positive manner.

Through asanas, Yoga helps us to connect the mind to the body. You try increasing the awareness of body parts, focusing on stressed joints and muscles, maintaining awareness of the breathing. One needs a lot of skill in trying to relax the muscles and different parts under stress during asana practice. This is the path to strengthening of the mind-body relationship.

The other benefits of the Yoga poses include increasing flexibility, stamina, and endurance of various body parts. Asanas increase the efficiency of digestive system, and various digestive organs such as liver, pancreas, stomach, intestines. Yoga poses increase the efficiency of respiratory system and makes it possible for us to inculcate abdominal and relaxed breathing into our day-to- day lives. Asanas also have positive effect on reproductive system and excretory system. Most importantly asanas balance the nervous system and hormones. Through connecting us to ourselves Yoga helps us to be in control of our own happiness and wellness.