Uni, work, house mates, teachers, boss!!!
Feeling relaxed yet?!?!

Wouldn’t it be nice to get away for the weekend to somewhere not too far away but far enough that you can relax… with open spaces, fresh air, beautiful love filled home cooked meals and some amazingly awesome company to enjoy it all with?!?!

Well do we have news for you!!!

We run wonderful retreats throughout the year at our beautifully stunning farm located in the Otway Ranges.

Come and immerse yourself in daily yoga and meditation, nature walks and adventures as well as workshops on Ayurveda and the like… or just come and enjoy the meals and relax with us!!

We all need some ‘time out’ from our fast paced lives to reconnect and recenter so we can get into alignment with our higher purpose…

Check our EVENTS page for all upcoming Retreats or write to us and express your interest so we can keep you updated personally!!😊😊