Saturday Philosophy


Every Saturday (except the 1st one in a month – reserved for Kirtan night), we dive deep into the many facets of life and spirituality. Each class will focus on a particular topic, sometimes accomopanied by presentations and team discussions. There are also times when we screen a documentary movie connected with environment, animal protection, politics or just aspects of human life.

The aim of the evening is to get you to take a strong hard look at what is happening around you and within you. It’s a great opportunity for you to put forward any questions you may have without any reservations or embarrassment. The aim is to hear, ponder, discuss and apply.

6pm – 8pm (followed by vegetarian dinner)
Full Price : $5 (online registration) & $ 7 (Pay at door)

Topic Discussion Style

  • Music & Dance (Kirtan) 5%

  • Spiritual Perspective 15%

  • Aspects of Human Life (politics, environment, social causes etc) 70%

  • Group Discussion, Question & Answer Opportunity 10%










We prefer that you book online so that we know how many to cater to.

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