Who said Vegetarian cooking was boring? It isn’t. Not only that but research has shown time and again, that a vegetarian diet is the best thing for you. But either due to long term habits or the lack of sufficient recipies, many people have decided to experiment less with vegetarian dishes. Now that there is a huge focus on organic lifestyle, saving the planet and animals, shifting our kitchen skills to vegetarian culinary might be the best thing we can do at an individual level.

Get the right start by attending one of our cooking classes conducted by expert chefs ! The classes are fun and we cook a wide variety of cuisines from around the world. And don’t forget that every session at Urban Yoga is followed by a full vegetarian dinner and dessert in a relaxed and convivial setting (at no extra cost!)!

At Urban Yoga, our food is cooked with love and devotion. We see the whole process as a type of meditation. We understand practically that the consciousness and intention with which we cook will become the essential part of the food. Now you know, why we love our mum’s cooking? It’s all about love !