Documentary Movie Night : Sat 23 Feb 13 | 6pm


For the first time in human history, a smaller proportion of the global population now lives in rural areas, states the United Nations statistics from June 2006. The twentieth century witnessed the rapid urbanization of the world’s population. As a result villages have been eclipsed in importance, as units of human society, settlement and traditions. This issue is being dealt with by the documentary Lost Village. Lost Village aims to explore that simple way of life, which is crucial to the solution of ecological problems and social dilemmas.

Depicting the majesty and splendor of untouched nature, this documentary reveals the simplicity and beauty of village life. It portrays the joy and hardship of villagers and focuses on their values, invoking deep sympathy and respect. The purity of their songs and voices, the enchanting sounds of nature and the unique music soundtrack, make this film an unforgettable experience. Lost Village presents the knowledge and wisdom of village people. It reveals the hopes and fears of real people in real situations.

This film documents the opinion of rural development experts from India, Europe and US, as well as the insights of its main character, Lokanath Swami. Born and raised in Arawade, a remote village of Maharashtra, India he has traveled extensively throughout the world. But his knowledge, erudition, and vast experience could never eclipse the home of his heart:

Lost Village is not the story of one village or one villager, but a story of 500 thousand villages in India and millions throughout the world endangered to vanish from the face of the Earth.

Saturday 23 FEB 2013
@ Level 3, 123 Swanston Street
Vegetarian Dinner included
Night includes Kirtan + Movie + Group Discussion + Dinner
(6pm – 8pm is what we are expecting the length of our time together)
$8/Person ($5 concession)