About Us

Who are we?

Urban Yoga is a 9 year old inner city community hub for people looking for an authentic spiritual boost. Rise above the fast paced consumer culture and enter an oasis of calm where qualities of wisdom and goodness are valued. Come just for yoga, or with a desire to explore the lifestyle and deep practical wisdom behind it. All programs at Urban Yoga include a delicious vegetarian meal in a relaxed and convivial setting.

What we Offer

We offer our guests many wonderful and exciting programs throughout the year & we encourage you to try them all out. Details of our activities, days when they are conducted along with the cost can be found on the top menu under “Things We Do”. If you have any questions on any of them or want to participate, send us an email.

  • Nanda Mandir

  • Manager

He loves to give lectures, help guest apply theory of yoga into practical application and loves to bicycle.

  • Swarup Sakti

  • Yoga Teacher

She also loves to lead the mantra meditation music, loves to dance with all guests  and a guide to all our younger guests.

  • Gaura Mantra

  • Yoga Teacher

Powerful singer, excellent cooks and speaks a million languages.

  • Vara-datri

  • Team Mate

Keeps the enthusiasm running in the team & centre, loves to make new friends and a wonderful singer


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