Welcome To Urban Yoga

Urban yoga is an inner city oasis for the busy, relaxed, inquisitive and open minded persons. It is nestled in the CBD of Melbourne city where the urges or pushes of a demanding inner city life are definitely felt in the atmosphere. In our little space, we offer a relaxed, inviting and friendly atmosphere for those interested in yoga, vegan food, meditation and deeper philosophies tapping into the mysteries of the mind, the self, the world we live in and everything else in between.This all takes place in our space on a weekly schedule consisting of yoga classes, cooking classes, kirtan music meditation, and workshops.

Our events cater to suit your needs as an individual,couples or group of friends. Life might be challenging and stressful at times, therefore be rest assured that you will leave totally relaxed and at ease. Point to remember, all our events include a wonderful meal which is made by our enthusiastic chefs. Our menus are creative and prepared with lots of care, attention to detail and BHAKTI! our secret ingredient. Your taste buds will definitely have a festival.

It is said that the best things in life are free hence all our events are entirely Volunteer based and the organisation itself is non-profit.There is nothing more fulfilling than giving your energy or time to help enlighten and expand another persons sense of being and becoming. The lifestyle that we at Urban yoga live by is embedded in the natural and pleasure giving knowledge of Bhakti Yoga. Urban yoga is not just a building, room or business; it is a way of life and a culture worth experiencing. Everyone is welcome.